When it comes to being a responsible teacher, there are many facets that need to be covered and understood. In this day and age, the most prevalent and obvious and thing that needs to be responsibly researched and understood are the technologies implemented in the classroom. If we do not understand what we are teaching with, we ethically cannot teach with it in the classroom. Moreover if we do not understand the technology we are using, we definitely cannot expect the students to use it responsibly either. To be a responsible teacher we must first understand what we are teaching in order to mirror the proper ways of using the resources. I think it is incredibly important to keep your students apart of your learning process, and your understanding of the technologies used so you can not only grow together, but also have a clear and obvious understanding of the responsible way to use what is being used.

                This leads in to the everyday use of the technology; why not incorporate the understanding of the technologies into the class lesson plans? For example, if you are searching a new website, or even using something like the “National film board” website, it would be incredibly useful to the students and yourself to go the uses and understanding of the website before following through. Not only is that showing your students that is important to ethically understand the uses of online resources, but it also shows an example of how every website should be used in the future. A highly underrated and rarely discussed aspect of teaching is the modeling relationship we as educators have over our students. If we should what is responsible online use, our students are more likely to model such actions.

week 6: Activity 6.3 – Digital Citizenship Reflection


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